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Help Support the Snowy Plover Project

There are many ways you can help The Snowy Plover Project:

  • Save any of the following graphics and put them on your own web page. In Netscape, simply click the right mouse button on any image and the browser provides a menu including the option to save the graphic to a disk file. Make sure the graphic is linked to:

  • E-mail your friends and tell them about the Snowy Plover site. Don't forget to include the web address in your message (see above). Please don't e-mail anyone you don't know well enough to be reasonably sure they won't consider your message "spam" ("junk" e-mail).
  • Buy books via the Snowy Plover web site's links to Amazon. Just click on any Amazon button next to the book you're interested in and you'll be transferred to Amazon for price and ordering information. If you click straight through and order the book(s) through Amazon, The Snowy Plover project will receive a commission.
  • Recommend and/or review books that fit in with the themes of the Snowy Plover project. Just e-mail your suggestions and reviews to

Thank you for helping the Snowy Plover project!

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